Downtown Phoenix Court House Wedding

July 27, 2023 - Cris & McKenzie

Cheers to being able to capture this court house wedding. I've done several prior but the judge always asked for no photography so I missed out on capturing the marriage license signing, the vows the big kiss! But I must say there is something so special about having a court house wedding, with just a few close people there when you tie the knot is beautiful. 

One question I asked while we waited for the doors to open was, why today? What meaning or what urged you to pick today. The response from McKenzie was hilarious. They chose July 27th because the following day was McKenzie's birthday and she refused to marry Cris while being older than him! It reminded me of twilight when Bella had nightmares of growing old while Edward was still young!! 

That was the goal for McKenzie & Cris They planned their courthouse wedding around downtown Phoenix, wanting to focus on black and white style photos. Downtown Phoenix has some of the most amazing views and buildings. Currently having construction limited our session areas but that was no issue for this beautiful couple. After their wedding at the courthouse, we walked over to Old City Hall and took advantage of this amazing staircase! It really added a unique bridal look for these newlyweds. Speaking of unique can we talk about Cris's suit! The color was breathtaking, and we all couldn't stop talking about it!