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Lifestyle Newborn Prep

Hello and thank you for choosing me to document such a special season in your life! As we prepare for your session, here is some information about what to expect:

First things first: Please email or text me within 24 hours of birth so that we can get your newborn session scheduled! If you have not already filled out the newborn questionnaire, do so prior to the baby's arrival.

Important tips to help your newborn session run smoothly:

-Babies like to be warm, so make sure your house isn’t cold. Turn off any fans and turn the thermostat up if necessary!

-Try to keep baby awake for at least 1-2 hours before the session if possible. This will ensure they sleep so we can get those adorable sleepy images!

-If your baby uses a pacifier, have it on hand.

The Space: I do love natural light and I will be embracing your home’s natural light as much as I can (pull open those window blinds!), turning off the overhead lights and taking advantage of the natural brightness. I’ll pop you all next to windows as much as possible for those pics — we will take full advantage of the light coming into your house. This is why morning sessions are best for these sessions. You will want to declutter these spaces before I arrive, but please do not stress about cleaning your entire home as there is no need!

We’ll focus on rooms such as the nursery (if set up), the master bedroom and any rooms with large windows that provide a lot of light. Prior to our session it's important for you to watch your homes lighting to see what areas work well with the natural light available. I cover this within your questionnaire. But don't worry I will ask for video of your lighting prior and when I arrive, I will ensure we capture the best lighting possible.

Feedings: Prior to the session I ask that you do not feed baby until right before the session. (Yes, feed baby accordingly to hunger cues) I do build in time for feeding breaks so don't worry if baby gets hungry prior to this time and you need to feed. I completely understand that things may not always go as planned and that is ok! Do not stress if that's the case, I will adjust and plan accordingly. If you breastfeed and would like to capture this journey, we will start with these images to ensure baby is comfortable and well feed prior to starting.

Wardrobe: Clothing choices play a huge role in the overall feel and tone of your photos. Neutral tones are a favorite for newborn sessions. For mom, I recommend a maxi dress! Maxi dresses look natural to the environment and photograph well for newborn sessions. You will want to avoid bright tones as it can create unnatural skin tones on baby due to the color cast. Please also stay away from loud, busy patterns, logos, and dark colors. Most importantly, you want to feel comfortable and confident in whatever you end up choosing. If you want to wear jeans, pair a kimono or something soft with your outfit.

For baby, start with a simple neutral onesie and/or swaddle.

For Dad, go simple and casual! A fitted pair of jeans or chino shorts with a neutral v-neck or henley t-shirt always looks great.

For lifestyle newborn sessions, I like to remind my clients to look at the colors of your home and the rooms we will be photographing in – it works well if your clothing colors and patterns complement each other. 

Props: Since my newborn sessions are all about telling an honest story of your growing family, I like to keep props to a minimum. If you have special heirlooms or other things you’d like to include in the session, we will definitely work them into the photographs in natural settings. I do not bring props. If you have questions about including certain items in your photo session, don’t hesitate to contact me!