Hello 2024! Goodbye 2023!

As 2023 comes to a close so are these 3 things I am leaving behind.

1.Photographing every Niche

This was a huge problem all year long. I WANTED TO DO IT ALL! I was trying to find my niche and said yes for every session, every type! I did newborn, family, weddings, events. I did couples and portraits and even did some real estate. By the end of the year, I felt burnt out and lost my passion for photography! November 19th - I did a family session at the river. And it felt like light shined heavy on this session - The good light not harsh! And I knew, 2024 I was focusing on what I love!! FAMILY!

2.Comparing myself to others:

Comparison is absolutely the thief of joy; that’s why it’s a saying. All year I have seemed to falsely compare my lowest points to someone else's high. It's made me view my work less than what it really is. It's also made me feel less than I am... It's taken moments in my business that should have been celebrated and marked as an accomplishment and turned it into a competition with others. Reality it was never a competition! I have built such a strong community of other photographers to lean on and learn from! It's been so refreshing and rewarding to view my work and say I am enough! I am Caballero Photos!

3.Viewing photography as a hobby vs a business.

This is a huge one for me. I am quick to say this is a hobby of mine - something I’ve always wanted to do. Mostly because I didn't want to fail. I knew if I kept this mindset I wasn't really at risk. Well that was NOT true. It not only impacted how I ran my business but also how I managed my customer experience. The beginning of the year I didn't seek out feedback or view my business as that, a business. At times I had struggled to come up with a quick plan and didn't have a strong structure. I learned about business practices and have a structed thought out plan to hold myself accountable for my business! This is not just a hobby for me- it's my passion. it's my long-term goal and plan. Photography is what I want to do. and to be successful, to not be burnt out I needed this refresh and this structure. This year I will not wait last minute to plan; I will reach out for mentorship and learn more to be content with my business plan!

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